Monday, 10 March 2014

Evaluation question 4

This is my final evaluation question. I decided to do it on final cut pro as the images are displayed as i speak about a specific part of my process. It also shows the images we took whilst we was filming and allowed my to show exactly what camera I used and what effects I had to put into my video.

Evaluation question 3

Evaluation Question 2

I wanted to use a range of different softwares to show off my skills, however the video didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. I thought I would be able to get rid of all the green but unfortunately I couldn't this being said I am glad that I managed to get all the information that i needed to in there as well as showing off all my old digipaks as well as my new one.

I have learnt that next time i may need to move back from the green screen a little so the light isn't reflected on to me.

Evaluation Question 1

This is my first question from my digipak. i wanted to start off by showing my video whilst talking about the first question. It allowed me to show off my final cut pro skills more as well as my music video. I decided to keep the track in the back ground and play as it shows the lip syncing is in time with the music. I then turned it down so my voice was the main focus.

Digipak: Lyric Book

This is my lyric book for my digipak that will go in the top slot in the middle part of my digipak. This is what similar artist had in their digipak, for example Florence and The Machine so i decided it would fit well for my audience. It also enables them to learn the song by having the lyrics in front of them.

Digipak final

This is my last digipak. I decided to take inspiration from You Me At Six's album Sinners never sleep and have some photos that come out of the slots on the right hand side. I also wanted the audience to have a little added bonus for buying the album so there is a slot on the left hand side is a DVD documentary 'Rising Up' of how the band started up, showing footage of them playing in local pubs. This may convince the audience to but the digipak as they feel as if they are getting a present for buying the album.

Final Digipak Poster

This is my final digipak poser. I took feedback from Leanne and sinned as they said that you could tell that one photo had been stuck on top of another. I decided to instead use an existing image from when we did our digipak shoot and incorporate the same information on it from the last one.